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TWX Magazine

Launched in 1991 by entreprenuers Michael Loeb and Jay S Walker (founder of, NewSub Services, eventual provider of TWX Magazine, started by marketing magazine subscriptions through credit card companies.  In 1996, the company introduced a ground-breaking continuous service system that gave consumers the choice of renewing magazine subscriptions automatically without service interruptions or the necessity of requesting renewals.  Over time, the company expanded its sales partnerships to include retailers, catalogs, air travel, and online companies.

In Y2000, NewSub officially changed its name to Synapse Group, Inc. to better represent its diversity of business initiatives and services.

Synapse, also sometimes referred to as TWX Magazine, has grown to be the largest magazine subscription marketing company within the United States, providing subscribers with over 700 titles from which to select out of all major publishers — including National Geographic Soc., Reader's Digest Assoc., Meredith Corp., and Time Inc.  TWX Magazine markets through retailers and other channels, targeting consumers with special subscription deals tailored specifically for them. This customized marketing strategy ensures that TWX Magazine's publishing partners will be connected with the highest quality subscribers.

To manage your subscription account, click here or simply wait to be redirected to the Magazine Customer Service website after one minute.

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